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Most Common Questions


Do I need a Real Estate Broker to represent my best interest in a transaction or can I just  buy, lease, or sell my next property directly with the owner or owners’ broker? By not having a professional real estate broker represent your interest in a transaction, you expose yourself & your company to unnecessary for exposure, risk and liability. Many of First Houston Properties services are at NO COST to the client and our services ALWAYS save our clients money and limits risk vs. engaging in a real estate transaction without someone representing your best interest. The landlords and sellers have real estate brokers legally representing their best interest- WHY DON’T YOU? Call First Houston Properties today to discuss your next real estate transaction for which we may add value. 713 534 1880


How do I know when to sell an asset or how much it’s worth? Assets are primarily valued based on in-place income, location and specific features. The market is constantly changing. Call FHP today to determine if a traditional sale, a sale leaseback or a cash out refinance is what best fits your goals and investment objective. 713 534 1880



My lease is coming up for renewal. Why shouldn’t I just renew my lease with the leasing agent at my current landlord’s office? The leasing agent for your landlord legally has the landlord’s best interest in mind, not yours. First Houston Properties understands the constantly changing market conditions, inventory and terms being offered to secure long term renewals by landlords. Please call First Houston Properties today to discuss the maximum cost savings and value-added benefits for little to NO COST during your lease renewal process. 713 534 1880


I want to build my next facility. Should I enlist First Houston Properties to help me obtain bids to or attempt to play the general contractor myself?  First Houston Properties has been a full service commercial real estate firm in Houston since 1982. Over our nearly four decades of experience in the Houston market we have created relationships with the most reliable and competitive construction companies in Houston. By allowing First Houston Properties to assist with the site selection and building process, you will save time and money, which will allow you to focus on what’s most important time for you to continue running your business instead of playing the general contractor role. First Houston Properties will also add value by recommending and guiding our clients to build the most efficient facility while recommending features that will continue to add upside value to the asset for the future. Call First Houston Properties today to discuss your next construction project. 713 534 1880.



What questions should I be asking potential real estate brokers that I’m considering to represent my company? How many years has your firm been in business? Does the firm specialize in one sector or is their focus spread all over the market? Does your broker have any experience as being a buyer, owner or seller themselves? Do you represent my best interests or the counter party? Call First Houston Properties today to discuss how we may add value by representing your company on your next real estate transaction.




I want to invest in Commercial Real Estate. How do I get started? First Houston          Properties has successfully played the role of buyers, sellers and developers of commercial real estate since 1982. We have a range of products and funds for first time investors all the way to general partnerships/Joint Venture projects that we apply to all investment groups. As a full-service commercial brokerage, First Houston Properties has a proven track record representing single office investors and investment groups to achieve unparallel returns on commercial real estate through our hands-on approach and personal experience within the market. Please call First Houston Properties today to discuss how we may add value to your next real estate investment.






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