We are very proud of our relationship with PS America and its principals. PS America is the largest franchisee of ProSource Wholesale Coverings, which is the largest wholesaler of flooring in the U.S. PS America operates over 40 ProSource showrooms and distribution facilities in seventeen states from Las Vegas, Nevada across the South to Florida and up the East Coast to Providence, Rhode Island.

We have represented PS America in all ProSource facility and site locations in the Greater Houston area since their entry into the market beginning in 1991.

Initially, the company leased facilities in Northwest Houston and in Clear Lake. First Houston Properties assisted in these initial leases and in the inevitable expansions and relocations. When ProSource decided to acquire its locations rather than lease, First Houston Properties was there to help. In 2003, PS America acquired a 25,000 square foot showroom/warehouse at 4730 Blalock in NW Houston. In 2004, we assisted ProSource with its acquisition of a site in Greenbriar SW Business Park for the construction of a new southwest Houston showroom/warehouse. In 2005, ProSource purchased a site in Webster, Texas for the construction of a new showroom warehouse facility to replace its leased facility. ProSource has also selected its fourth Houston location with the lease of a 6,000 square foot space in the Kirby /Southwest Freeway area for a Designer Showroom.

We are looking forward to a continued relationship with this excellent company.


We call Aron and give him the basic area we want to penetrate, and the parameters of the location. Within days, he is ready for our tour of properties. Because of his knowledge and impeccable preparation, we are able to narrow site selections to one or two locations within a few hours, and be negotiating leases or purchase contracts within a few days. He is also able to advise us on the attributes of one property versus another. We will continue to utilize First Houston Properties as we continue to expand in the Greater Houston Market.

Jim TraweekPresident